“No Excuses” Day

Planet Fitness, Bay Shore NY

I have tried to start a meal plan and exercise program so many times before, but as I approach my 65th birthday, I think it’s imperative to get in the best possible shape in order to reduce expenses and remain healthy.

So, as 2018 dawned, a piece of junk mail arrived and motivated me to join a gym. I have not had a regular gym membership since the 1980s. I’m twice the age I was then. I think back on that time and I know from that experience that if I stay focused, I can achieve the healthy and active lifestyle I desire to have.

So, I’ve bought a pair of new cross-training shoes, a couple of basketball shorts and a gym membership to a dubious outfit named Planet Fitness. Dubious because it feeds its members pizza and bagels. However, I look at that as an exercise in self-control. Nobody is forcing me to eat pizza and bagels at the gym… at least, not that I’m aware of,

So, today, Tuesday, 16 January 2018, is “No Excuses” Day.
I have 75 cents for the bus, a new backpack, a bottle of water and a new winter coat. There’s nothing keeping me from going to the gym except procrastination.

Stay tuned.

Ciao for now!

[Originally published on myfitnesspal.com]