Tasked by Twitter

Occasionally, one is tasked by Twitter users to respond to some random question that is pulled from the nether world. This morning while I was working on a future project, I noticed the following task on the service: Name 4 MOVIES you have Watched MANY times.

Here are my choices with some explanation:

  1. Groundhog Day (1993)
    This film runs on a loop for 24 hours every February 2nd,
    I even have a YouTube playlist set up so I don’t have to monitor it.
    Groundhog Day 24-Hour Marathon
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
    This is a consensus pick.
    Before a premiere of a Marvel Cinematic Universe production, I used to watch the entire MCU production slate from start to finish. I also used to watch in chronological order. So, this film was always first up. This habit has somewhat bit the dust since the end of The Infinity Saga, but I’d imagine I might still do this in the future.
    I have a YouTube playlist for this as well.
  3. tick… Tick… BOOM! (2021)
    I just love this film.
    Ever since it premiered, it brings me joy.
    It has just about everything: pathos, music, comedy, and drama.
    I love the cast, especially Andrew Garfield and Robin de Jesús.
    I wish I could come home to “Michael” and wrap him in my arms to make him feel secure.
    love… Love… LOVE! this movie.
  4. What’s Up Doc? (1972)
    This used to be the film that I began every New Year with.
    These days, it’s part of a double feature with When Harry Met Sally (1989).
    It’s hard to go to bed unhappy after watching this film.

Usually, when you have a list of any kind, you’ll have a pick that just missed the cut. People call that an Honorable Mention. Yet, my fifth pick stands above all the rest. When all the political silos and television faux pas are too much to bear, I sit down and watch what I call my Venerable Mention:

Network (1986)
In that year, this film depicted a future where anything goes on a network newscast. Well, reality has not only matched this fantastical story, but it has also surpassed it. You need only to tune into one, better two, cable news networks on a given night before you start to wonder what is real and what is surreal.

That’s it.
That’s my answer to the task.
What’s yours?

Ciao for now!