Bledsoe for Starting PG

My name is Mike Murray and I approved this message.

I love Chris Paul and, of course, I’d like him to re-sign. However, I’m not willing to have Chauncey Billups on board for another two years. I think Chauncey is a cool dude, but his play doesn’t warrant two more years. He’s played 42 out of 148 games since signing with the Clippers. Compare that to Eric Bledsoe who, while also injured, played 116 of 148.

Assuming Vinny Del Negro doesn’t return, Bledsoe should blossom under a new coach. If CP3 were willing to play alongside Bledsoe (instead of Billups), I wouldn’t have a problem. However, CP3 seems hell-bent on getting rid of Bledsoe and playing alongside Billups.

One only has to look at the Brooklyn Nets and ask themselves is it worth $21 million annually to have a diva PG. Veterans are OK and necessary. However, veterans need to produce and not be hanging around to provide comfort and solace to a veteran PG.

Paul’s post-series press conference and exit interview were understandable in one respect. However, he is not beyond responsibility for how the season turned out. If he wants to go somewhere else where he thinks he can “win”, then he should go ahead and go there. I’m pretty proficient with travel arrangements; I can help him out.

I know almost everyone will disagree, but I need to see more from Paul before I’ll feel comfortable about his continued presence.

And so it goes.

Ciao for now!

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