SimCity BuildIt returns to its roots

Electronic Arts and their Track Twenty (EA Helsinki) studio has released an updated version of the mobile game that refocuses the game back on city building as opposed to city destruction.  In the latest update, EA/TT has introduced three new regions where players can build new communities and use some of their stored inventory of currency and tchotchkes.

SCBI players have been begging for additional territory for some time now.  Yet, EA/TT added layer upon layer of game mechanics of which each changed the way the game played before.  When SimCity Club Wars was added to the mix, the game entered a period of destroying cities (albeit temporarily) for fun and profit.

The latest iteration somewhat returns the game to its roots: city building.  Players get to choose one of four new regions and build it out with the prospect of eventually opening up all four regions.  Basically, it potentially allows players the ability to build five areas as opposed to one.

There’s still going to be a conflict between players who wants to build cities and those who want to play war using SimCity as a backdrop.

Well, at least now you have a choice.

And so it goes.

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